Dr. Rand Fandrich, PHR, CHRA nominated to the AAPM ® Global & Presidential Board & Advisory Council

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Founder of the Expatriate Foundation, Dr. Rand Fandrich, PHR, CHRA is honored to be nominated to the AAPM ® Global & Presidential Board & AdvisoryAAPM Seal Stamp Council www.certifiedprojectmanager.us/board.html.  The AAPM ® Board is the 1st to articulate directly with accreditation agencies, double accredited business schools and MBA programs worldwide for higher standards and  is the Member, Certifying and Regulatory Body for AAPM ® Global Standards and Requirements Chairman – Prof. Dr. George Mentz  JD, MBA, MPM™, CIPM ™  AAPM ® Academy and Certifications have been most recently featured in Global Industry News such as: Forbes News, The Business Wire, Reuters Global News, EuroInvestor News UK, Yahoo Finance, Morningstar News, Digital50 News, Direkt Broker Germany News, Ad Hoc News, Centre Daily News, Earth Times, Yahoo News, University of California News, ArabianBusiness.com , Express Computers Business News in India, and more.

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