Expatriate Foundation supports 21st International AEPP Conference

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 The Expatriate Foundation is pleased to announce our sponsor support for the upcoming Twenty-First Annual International Association on Employment Practices and Principles (AEPP) Conference (Oct. 9-11, 2013)The Association on Employment Practices and Principles (AEPP) and its parent, the Council on Employee Responsibilities and Rights (CERR), focus on the quality of life in work organizations, and promote an awareness of ethics, social responsibility and justice. We host annual international conferences that are personal, inclusive, supportivecerr and democratic.We also sponsor the International Journal for Responsible Employment Practices and Principles (IJREPP), our official journal that continues in the tradition of our 21 year history of accomplishments and success in developing and editing the premiere journal in this field. Special emphasis this year will include encouraging “practitioner” engagement in varied track areas in addition to our traditional scholar emphasis.


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