Higher Level Training Institute & EF

  The foundation is thrilled to have contracted with the Higher Level Training Institute ( to assist in facilitating GAFM/AAPM/AAFM courses around the globe. Although newer to the market, the staff and leadership are seasoned; thus, we expect fantastic things to come! Wishing all involved continued success!  

Expatriate Foundation and MapHR Collaboration Announcement

We are pleased to announce that the Expatriate Foundation has recently joined the MapHR trusted community.To experience our wide spectrum of solutions, please visit us at Please register, explore the solution offerings and leave us feedback on features and functionality that will help you in increasing productivity and in enhancing the HR/Leadership services offered […]

Job Energy Partnership

The Expatriate Foundation is pleased to announce it’s newest international partnership with Job-Energy,  the first and only specialized job board that has been built for the Nigerian Energy Sector and tailored to channel expatriates, repatriates and locals to the energy sector.

Expatriate Foundation joins Talent Management Alliance

The Expatriate Foundation is pleased to announce that it has been admitted into the Talent Management Alliance (TMA); a knowledge-exchange network dedicated to the advancement of strategic talent management and leadership development practices. Our mission is to provide a resource for business leaders around the world to find information and services to help develop talent […]