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The Expatriate Foundation is pleased to announce it has been awarded Certification Preparation Provider status from HRCI and can be found within the HRCI Certification Preparation Provider directory located here:  


As a result, The Expatriate Foundation is launching  aPHRi, PHRi, and SPHRi HRCI® Prep Courses beginning July 2018.  The per student cost is $150 which can be easily paid via credit card or PayPal account at the bottom of this page.

Courses include:

  • One-on-one preparatory and planning sessions to best create a reasonable time frame for the test to be taken
  • Live study sessions in which the Professor, Dr. Rand Fandrich will engage the students with content, strategy, and proven techniques
  • Guest speakers and lecturers who are content experts
  • Some study materials are supplied, however, we suggest you invest in the materials provided by – please enjoy 20% for eing an Expatriate Foundation student by using the following discount codes:
aPHRiExpatriateFoundation (USD80)
PHRiExpatriateFoundation (USD160)
SPHRiExpatriateFoundation (USD160)

Student Testimonial:

Pierre Chong, PHRi – Panama

Dr. Fandrich and the Expatriate Foundation were instrumental in ensuring I was prepared for my recent PHRi examination.  After months of preparation, I passed successfully, becoming one of the first in the country of Panama. Thanks Dr Fandrich!!Pierre Chong, PHRi – Panama




Ready to Register:

When you are ready to register, simply click on the link below and pay the $150 via major credit/debit card or PayPal account.  Please follow up with a “hello” email to me at so that I am made aware of your excitement ASAP! Here is to a great study time ahead of us…I’m proud of your already!


Dr. Rand Fandrich is listed as 1 of 24 international IHRCI tutors: