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SWOT Lesson 1

    SWOT Analysis for Managers, extracted 03/05/2018 Formulating strategy begins with understanding the circumstances, forces, events, and issues that shape the organization’s competitive situation, which requires that managers conduct…
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Onboarding Lesson 3

Objectives of Employee Onboarding The essence of creating an effective employee onboarding process is in attaining the following goals: Make new employees feel welcome and comfortable in their new surroundings.…
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Onboarding Lesson 2

The Onboarding Process extracted 03/04/2018   Cisco | New Employee Orientation and Onboarding extracted 03/04/2018 Formal onboarding involves extremely structured and controlled environments wherein each new employee must receive the…
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The ADDIE Model Lesson 2

ADDIE: Training and Development Professionals’ Guide – Training Processes and Plans Sorin Dumitrascu Published on May 20, 2015, extracted 03/03/2018 Although organizations’ training needs differ, a formal five-step training process…
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